Gamescon 2010 – Paradox , BL-Logic , Arsenal of Democracy

Lennart and I attended the Gamescon 2010 at Wednesday. We met up with Johan and Shams from Paradox discussing further development of AoD and how to go the next steps.

Paradox are really chilled, nice and good people 🙂 ! It was a pleasure visiting them at their booth. Our next step on the roadmap is the 1.05 patch as most of you know.

We agreed to continue working with PI and are confident to deliver top products to you guys also in the future. Stay tuned for further announcements.


wyK1NG // Philipp Karl Friedrich

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4 Responses to Gamescon 2010 – Paradox , BL-Logic , Arsenal of Democracy

  1. Chrisitan Zirell says:

    Hello everybody
    Arsenal of Democracy is a really good game. I like It.
    But can You make a upgrade for the AoD to make compatible with the windows 7?
    And when You have the decision, can make aoD compatible with mac os X?
    Thank You very much for Your attention

    Christian Zirell

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