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C++ inheritance and copy constructor

Hello everybody 🙂 While working on upcoming 1.05 patch we encountered a small problem, which actually is quite interesting – that’s why we want to share it with you :). We needed to put some data into STL containers – … Continue reading

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1.05 optimizations – how we did it? Part 1/n

Hello again, in this cycle of posts I will try to tell about game code optimizations. As you propably have heard, we have optimized the upcoming 1.05 version of the game. Some of you might be actually interested what and … Continue reading

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C++ lambda expressions

While watching a movie about STL I saw very interesting and uncommon structure in C++: lambda expressions. What are lambda expressions? Actually, they are present in many scripting languages, to mention Python and Perl only. Lambda should actually be called … Continue reading

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Arsenal of Democracy development blog

Hello everybody and welcome to our development blog! We are happy to announce start of our new blog. Here you will be able to read posts about Arsenal of Democracy game development. We will try to have here things tightly … Continue reading

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