First of: Intelligent Road Guides.

The new design of LED-GUIDE is long range 868Mhz (2KM), high power LED (1,2A) made for harsh environments like being glued on the road.

Now the new development here is that they need to be programmed remotely, meaning from the internet - for that we made a internet gateway as seen on the left image, based on our custom long range radio and a standard raspberry pi ( indoor only ).

For that we made a mobile first web app ( bootstrap)  hosted in the azure cloud.
The trick here is to give good reaction times without incurring high costs due to excessive polling, especially since we cannot wait long between a car has been detected and its guidance needs to be ready.

For this we used websockets, which gave very quick reaction time.. down to the actual round trip time, and also proved very successful to reduce jitter which was a requirement to make the flashing visually pleasing.

The web application also controls timer schedules in a separate thread so any user can specify a program to be run in certain time periods.

Cash Registers:

Too much changes to take in one go, but highlights:

* Support for next generation of wireless payments, like meewallet and s5.

* Improved statistics for handling discounts - now discounts can be tracked down to individual lines on each bill - meaning total control over how coupons are used, which combinations are most used and how effective the coupons/discounts are used in general - this also gives a lot more traceability towards abuse and "theft" by employees.

* Improved reporting regarding customer cards and VIP cards, including tracking of income vs. discounts given.

* Improved stock management in high throughput situations ( like stadiums with dozens of cash registers running concurrently in high intensity )

* Overall much improved speed of transactions



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Thats very good that now discounts can be tracked down to individual lines on each bill - meaning total control over how coupons are used, which combinations are most used and how effective the coupons/discounts are used in general - this really gives a lot more traceability towards abuse and "theft" by employees!

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