Instead of adding a long list of previus projects on the homepage ( which would be a boring read ) , we created this blog that will explain a bit about whats going on atm, and a bit about why its important and the challenges it contains.

First off is a few projects we currently develop for Nautronic:

Some Background: 
NauCon-1000 is a 5" touch screen controller for 15+ sport types.
  • Standard RS485 for special cases
  • Long range wireless 2,4Ghz tranciever - using a unified protocol stack, which was designed to have high throughput, low jitter and effective use of transmit time ( thus leaving the channel open for longer )
  • USB bootloader to easely update software in the field ( Of course settings and game data can also be exported or loaded from USB ) 
  • All Coded in plain C, with the crossworks tasking library used as a "OS".

After the release of NAUCON-1000 in 2013, which now controls all of their new scoreboards, there was a need to gather its data for third parties like TV stations and the like ( Cant have lets say game time differ on screen from whats in the game ), and also have a PC overtake the role of controlling the displays ( either for sports or custom industrial controls)

We continued to develop that protocol access component and now are proud to present a Virtual Scoreboard.
You can now get the look and feel of a Score Board on the big screens.

To give you a feel of how large these systems really are, take a look the gallery below.



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