Its already been half a year and the music service is out in the open.

The initial reception of the new in store music player have been very positive.
Beeing a Windows universal app with emphasis on drag and drop + touch gestures makes organizaing your music and playlist quick, easy and intuitive.

The server API was made in C# with nancyFX's "super duper happy path" - which indeed it is.
Its clean and consize - making changes is a breeze, so you can focus on the real issues on hand.

Couchbase was selcted for the database backend, as it easely scales with the expected load, is Integrated with elasticseatch and is easy to administrate as a high availibility service.
N1QL previews where not stable enough when we evaluated the database, so we had to opt out of that... we will have to look into that later when Couchbase 4 has been released and has been patched a few times with the reports of the first adopters.

So instead of SQL /& its full text search we opted to use elasticsearch as a full text search engine to find song matches for search query, giving good fuzzyness and less frustrated users that cannot find songs they accidentally misspelled.
Luckely its also fast - queries are updated with the client almost realtime as he types letters.

Atm we are working on improving  the backend of it like subscription handling, hompage design etc so we are ready to start the PR engine for real.
Work is beeing done to release a private version later this year, so feel free to give your critizisms at that time on what can be improved.